i4 Insight

Experts in data analysis and performance

i4 Insight has over 30 years’ experience providing commercial shipping solutions that enhance maritime performance. We work to increase profit, revenue, compliance, and efficiency throughout commercial shipping fleet operations and across maritime assets.

i4 Insight is part of the Lloyd’s Register’s digital solutions portfolio that provides voyage compliance, voyage planning, ship management and vessel performance and optimisation solutions to over 20,000 vessels across the globe, and includes leading brands such as OneOcean and Hanseaticsoft.

i4 Insight stands for ‘Integrated Information, Intelligent Insight’ – it’s these four cornerstones that underpin the foundation of our work and how we help customers achieve their goals by overcoming complex challenges. At i4 Insight, our two greatest assets are our people and our platform.

İ4 insight make it our priority to clearly understand your organization vision and always maintain excellent communication. This allows us to recommend the most effective products, services, and processes to help you realize your ambitions.

Our services and solutions are centered around navigation, route planning, and performance optimization. With our fully integrated solutions approach, we combine shipboard and shoreside tools and services to improve safety, on-time arrival, fuel efficiency, fleet visibility, and tracking.

Our fully integrated products and services offer the unique ability to examine available data from multiple perspectives. In turn, this allows for a far deeper understanding and comprehensive validation of the information. For our customers, this means maximum operating safety and energy efficiency, fewer operating errors, and reduced environmental impact – all while increasing visibility of fleet-wide performance.


Achieve better business performance with our fleet optimisation solutions – i4 Insight. Maritime is a fragmented industry, so we bring together data from various sources, including weather conditions, fuel and current environmental factors to help clients determine the optimum voyage to reduce costs.

What we offer?

i4 Insight is an integrated data platform designed to help charterers, shipowners and operators make smarter decisions based on intelligent insights derived from reliable data. The platform brings together all owned and third-party data into a simple to use ecosystem powered by machine-learning that reduces fuel costs, improves vessel performance and helps cut and monitor greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the benefits?

Realise the benefits of leveraging digital solutions that bring actionable insight to your operations:

Reduce fuel costs by analysing interdependent factors that impact fuel consumption.
Minimise daily disruptions through improved situational awareness, allowing you to make proactive versus reactive decisions.
Increase vessel availability by optimising maintenance based on actual and predicted vessel condition.
Ensure operational compliance via our streamlined process that provides you with the required information.


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