Managed Service

Managed Service

Managed Service delivered by master mariners, and utilising our expertise, data coverage and scale to make compliant planning and navigation easy.

Navigate the way forward with Managed Service

Navigating the right course is vital for the safety of your vessel and the efficiency of your business. 

OneOcean’s Managed Service module can undertake route planning and optimisation on your behalf. Delivered by a skilled team of master mariners, we can manage the process of voyage planning for you. This serves as an enhancement to your existing operations, utilising the experience of our master mariners to help your vessels and fleet in their day-to-day operations.

With the Managed Service module, you get expert support to ensure your vessels always follow the most efficient route of passage across the whole of their voyage.


Key outcomes

Skilled support from master mariners

Our experts have years of practical experience and can help advise on all aspects of voyage planning.

Efficient operations

With support at the planning stage, everyday operations can be optimised, helping your vessels and crew operate at maximum efficiency.

Eased pressure on resources

With the efficiency of your operations increased, pressure on critical resources will be eased, allowing them to be deployed elsewhere.