OneOcean Navigation


Preparing mariners with the insights needed to stay compliant, while safely and efficiently navigating every stage of the journey.

OneOcean Navigation helps to plot and execute efficient, safe, clean, and compliant voyages from port to port. Modules cover route optimisation, weather, charts and publications, passage planning, ports, piracy, navigational warnings, and more. Providing clarity and connecting operations both on ship and on shore. It also includes a managed service, delivered by master mariners, that utilises our expertise, data coverage, and scale to make compliant planning and navigation easy.


  1. Charts & Publications
  2. Weather
  3. NavArea Warnings
  4. Ports
  5. Route Optimisation
  6. Situational Awareness
  7. Piracy
  8. Passage Planning
  9. Managed Service
  10. Routing Service
  11. Optimisation