Electronic Record Books

Electronic Record Books

Simplifies and streamlines the record keeping process, with pre-formatted, traceable entries, all in one place.

One platform to access, record and manage logbooks

Record books are an essential but time-consuming part of working life. Providing accurate information to authorities in time-limited situations is an essential requirement for mariners. Omissions in information and delays in time taken to provide these can lead to penalties and, in some cases, can impact the basic operation of a vessel.

Digitisation means the manual and error-prone process of completing paper record books is no longer necessary. OneOcean Compliance’s Electronic Record Books module is a more efficient, accurate and easier way to manage and access your fleet’s record keeping.

Electronic Record Books is secure, simple, and precise – providing you with streamlined processes that reduce complexity for maritime reporting.


Key outcomes

Easier compliance

With all records accurately documented in one place, the Electronic Record Books module makes proving compliance to relevant authorities simple.

Streamlined management

An intuitive interface provided through the Platform makes it simple for management teams to keep on top of record keeping requirements. And with data synchronised across devices, shoreside teams are able to undertake remote auditing with ease.