Vessel Tracking

Vessel Tracking

Utilises AIS or GPS tracking, allowing shoreside personnel to monitor fleets anywhere in the world, all through the LR OneOcean Platform.

One view of your global fleet 

Managing fleets of vessels that are scattered across the globe presents a significant challenge for shoreside teams. Knowing the location of each vessel in the fleet, whether there are any risks evolving and if the vessels are running to schedule is crucial. It’s also vital that updates and communications from the shoreside team can be received. Vessel Tracking is an intuitive, integrated software solution that enables shoreside personnel to monitor and communicate with vessels, helping teams stay on top of voyages anywhere in the world.

Vessel Tracking puts your shoreside team in control, with incredible tracking capabilities and comprehensive voyage oversight.


Key outcomes

Keeps teams on top of all routes of passage

With accurate tracking information accessible for every part of a voyage, crew can ensure that the status and positioning of a vessel is constantly monitored. This can help with detecting risk, and ensures voyages are kept on schedule.