NavArea Warnings

NavArea Warnings

View navigational and safety-related guidance and updates on all 21 operational NavAreas. A visual interface shows you the precise boundaries where warnings are in effect with click-through access to more details.

Stay alert with NavArea Warnings

The ability to plan ahead and have insights to make decisions as situations change is vital to a safe, compliant and timely voyage. The NavArea Warnings module of OneOcean Navigation provides updates on where different events are taking place, such as regattas or naval operations, so navigation officers can keep their voyage plan up-to-date and optimised.

With NavArea Warnings, making sure your voyage is free from obstruction and mitigating risk is simple, with easy-to-access updates on events as they occur.


Key outcomes

Updates on obstructions

Up-to-date information helps keep your voyage efficient, and crew, cargo and vessel safe.

Creates no-go areas

No-go areas can be easily added to routes, making avoiding incidents at sea a simple and automated process.