Routing Service

Routing Service

A managed service, delivering in-depth expertise during passage planning to secure the route that best suits your vessel.

A trusted partner in route planning 

OneOcean Routing Service is a managed service delivered entirely by seasoned master mariners that support fleet operators and mariners with their route planning. Our expert team works with dedicated ocean meteorologists to ensure we always plan the safest and most efficient route of passage for vessels.

With guidance from expert mariners, Routing Service can enhance the passage planning process and support your voyage with real-time optimisations. 


Key outcomes

General improvements

Expert guidance can help you make improvements in safety, efficiency and fuel consumption.

Supports on-time arrivals 

The Routing Service module can help keep your voyage on time to increase your chances of a Just In Time (JIT) arrival – an arrival time that coincides with the port’s handling operations to minimise waiting times. 

Reduces risk

Our specialist teams make recommendations on operational priorities, such as greatest fuel efficiency and fixed time scales, so that you can identify and reduce areas of risk early in the planning process.

Delivered by maritime experts

The Routing Service module is driven by seasoned master mariners, whose years of experience provide reliable expertise for your voyage