Situational Awareness


Situational Awareness

Connects shoreside teams with bridge leaders through a multi-layered view, ensuring both parties have the insights to monitor a vessel or fleet’s status in real-time and provide active support when needed. Additional situational awareness is available onboard from a portable ENC device – SeaTab.

Enable active support anytime, anywhere

Managing vessels from shore – particularly with fleets spread across global locations – is a significant challenge for shoreside teams. Providing effective support can prove difficult when vital information and context is delayed or missing.

The Situational Awareness module helps connect shoreside teams directly with vessels, with access to a real-time visualisation of the circumstances for each vessel in their fleet. The connection and visualisation together provide the situational awareness needed to support each individual vessel on its voyage.

Situational Awarenesshas what’s needed to connect teams and put you in control of any situation – at sea or on shore.


Key outcomes

Direct connections

The Situational Awareness module makes it easy to keep disparate teams in touch, connecting crew and shoreside teams for optimised outcomes. 

Shoreside, real-time visualisations

With up-to-date oversight of every vessel in your fleet, you can keep every stakeholder informed of changes.

Full awareness

With simple access to onboard data, such as the passage plan, vessel position, weather and environmental data – shoreside teams gain the context to provide meaningful support to offshore crews.