OneOcean Platform

A digital solutions platform providing a seamless connection to unite the maritime digital journey between ship and shore.

The Lloyd’s Register OneOcean (LR OneOcean) Platform (the Platform) is a comprehensive portfolio of tools providing industry-leading actionable intelligence to maritime professionals. It drives performance, profitability, and progress, assists decision-making, and reduces risk. Because it’s built with simplicity and flexibility at heart, different components can be added and removed easily and with no downtime.

It breaks down data silos by connecting datasets for better context and clarity. APIs allow easy data transfer in and out of the platform. It aids collaboration by aligning stakeholders around a central source of truth while enabling efficient ship-shore communication. Installed on and trusted by over 22,000 vessels, LR OneOcean de-risks your whole maritime operation. An investment in the Platform is an investment in the future of your organisation.